Jody McAuley

Property Investment Manager

Approachable and caring in personality, Jody is a natural solution seeker and positive thinker. Having worked in property management in both New South Wales and Queensland she is experienced in all facets of the skills required to be a great property manager.

Her eagerness to learn and readiness to take on new challenges combined with her ability to listen and find solutions has made her a most valuable team member. She understands her role is to maximize the value of her landlord client’s investment whilst taking care to minimize their risk and this commitment to excellence stands her apart in this specialized field.

Happy and easy-going in nature, Jody is focused on her fitness and as the mother of an active family she is kept busy both at work and at home.

What our customers say

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Jody, thank you! you are amazing and we appreciate you very much! We must be having service issues with our mobiles up this way too! I did get to speak with Sarah yesterday, which was great! I hope you have a fabulous day and a completely amazing Friday tomorrow! Kind regards